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Take Back Control of Your Cloud Costs

Cloud computing is a great business solution for providing application infrastructure without the significant expense of building in-house IT infrastructure.

But over time, cloud hosting costs creep ever higher, often surpassing the very benefit of cloud economics that drove your initial business decision to invest in cloud computing.

What Blue Digital Can Do for You

We are entrepreneurs, engineers, product leaders, data scientists and UX experts with over 20 years of experience, passionate about developing modern, cost-effective products.

Cloud Cost Optimization

Blue Digital’s team of experts understands cloud providers inner workings, helping you save money by making smart decisions.

Most businesses struggle with understanding how to effectively and consistently analyze bills to reduce cloud costs, whether you work with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud Platform.

Reducing Your Cloud Costs

Cloud storage accessibility is a primary advantage of moving applications and databases to the cloud. Understanding how AWS, Azure and GCP generates your bill is critical to controlling and lowering your cloud computing bill:

Selecting the appropriate classes of storage is essential to controlling and reducing your provider’s cost. Different storage classes based on the frequency of use and data availability are factors that apply to your total bill, and can easily be overlooked, driving higher cloud hosting costs.


Intelligent management of your development and production applications means you can save money while there’s no development being done, shutting down that instance until your next development cycle.


Make the right choice of instances your business employs. Different providers offer a wide range of options for customers, and Blue Digital will help you determine the best choice for your use including the type of instance – compute optimized, storage optimized, memory optimized, operating system – RHEL, Linux, Windows, and other considerations.


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